Who says boys cannot wear makeup? Who says only girls can? Who rules the world that if boys wear makeup, they are gays?

The answer is it is just somebody says so.

Then what next?

Just ignore those kinds of saying!

We all can wear makeup regardless of the discrimination between sex and gender. Makeup is just a hobby and a piece of art. Everyone can enjoy learning and doing it.


We can see from many celebrities in the movies that guys also wear makeup. But it can hardly see it because the makeup of that look is so natural or as we call ‘makeup no makeup look’.


Sometimes makeup can build your confident. My guy friend also does his makeup every day to cover his pimples on his face. Everyone was making fun of him that he has many pimples. He laughed and he knew that all friends are just joking and didn’t mean to bully him. But I know how he feels inside his heart. Those kinds of jokes can make you feel upset and bring you to have a lower confident. So he decided to use a foundation to cover all his flaw in order to erase the words that can bring him down. I have to admit that at first, I was also making fun of him too. Then one day, my pimples started to pop up on my face and don’t seem to disappear. I cried. I just realized how he feels. He has to listen to those kinds of words all years and always kept inside of him and never said anything. So I told him that I’m really sorry for what I had said, and I will never talk like that again. Now he is my best guy friend after all!

Ok, coming to our topic. As I said before that makeup can give you a higher confident. After you apply makeup, it’s like there is a light inside your heart that give you some warmth and says to you that you are looking better now, you are more pretty, you are looking good. It makes people feel that they are looking good when they cancel out the things they don’t want on their face. And what’s wrong about it right? I’m also a girl that like to wear makeup because I think I look good with it.


There is one movie that I like, it’s called ‘Sing Street’. The story is about a boy that wants to reach his goal by becoming a successful singer. In the movie, he also does his makeup to school. His principal doesn’t like it but he still proud of himself. If what you do doesn’t hurt anybody, then just do it!


K-Pop stars also really like to wear makeup. We can clearly see on their eyes. Korean people have very small eyes so they like to make their eyes look bigger and sharper by adding some eyeliner to make it sharp. Their brows can be easily noticed that they also draw a brow to make it look fuller and to make them look like they have lots of hairs.

I think nowadays people, especially younger generation, are starting to accept that everyone can wear makeup. And that is the thing we should do. Just eliminate the stereotypes and create our own new fashion. We can do anything we want and just ignore all judges who always want to bring you down. Being different doens’t mean you are bad. It means you are brave enough to be yourself.



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