How Media Changes Makeup Trends

Media has changed all the trends from the past through media disruption. The trends always change due to the social media, and the growing of new technologies which make media has more platforms to deal with. For example, Facebook, Twitter, and other social media websites are the sources that produce information and make that information reaches the users and they will know how things go. The very important thing is that there are more forms of media within the websites which are text, audio, or even a video. Today, I will show you how the makeup trends change due to the impact of media. So, let’s get into it!

First of all, this is my video that I collaborated with my friends having some chit-chat about Western and Korean skincare and makeup. What I’m going to say is, media brings us to know that there are so many kinds of makeup. But what I will mainly focus today is about Western and Korean styles. So if you want to know the differences between 2 cultures skincare and makeup, please visit our video and don’t forget to like it!

For the Korean part, their cultures really focus on making the look get dewy and glowy. It is very popular as we can see in the K-dramas. But you know, if I do a dewy look every day in Thailand, it is probably going to get worse since our weather is so damn hot! There is a little fine line between a dewy skin and an oily skin. But I need to admit that I really like the glowy looking makeup since I think it looks really natural.

And for the Western style, we can see from most of the youtubers. They all wear heavy makeup like full face foundation which will cover every falsity on their face. As I see the western makeup style from the social media, I think most of them really like to make their skin has some dimensions like contouring and highlighting. There are so many ways to differentiate between these 2 cultures. I will compare the picture so you can easily understand what I’m talking about.

  1. Skincare

  • Korean
    • focus on whitening and brightening product
    • so many steps of skincare including pre-serum, water essence, emulsion, facial oils, moisturiser and eye cream etc.
  • Western
    • focus on skin concern
    • not too many steps included in skincare
    • just make sure that all of your makeup has been removed and make the skin moisturised and hydrated.

2. Makeup

2.1 Foundation

  • Korean
    • light and natural
    • the shade of the foundation may be brighter or whiter than your actual skin (for only 1 shade is enough)
    • dewy foundation
  • Western
    • full face coverage
    • the shade of the foundation is the same with your skin or it can be darker for one or two shade as in Western style, being tanned is quite popular.
    • matte foundation, or semi-matte

2.2 Contouring and Highlighting

  • Korean
    • using cream highlight is very popular
    • you can contour but need to be very light
  • Western
    • a major part of this makeup style
    • contour on the parts you want it to be smaller and highlight the part you want it to be brighter to create dimensions on your skin.

2.3 Brows

  • Korean
    • straight eyebrows
    • light brown colour eyebrows
    • blurry, not too sharp
  • Western
    • sharp and dark
    • has a curved eyebrow tails

2.4 Eyes

  • Korean
    • glittery, shimmery and light peachy colour
    • it can be light brown, pink and orange
    • draw eyeliner close to your lashes as possible and draw a down straight tail, not dramatic wing
    • and remember, glitter!
  • Western
    • contour the crease
    • you can use any colour you want
    • shimmer, matte, glitter, pigmented, are all fine
    • dramatic wings!

2.5 Lips

  • Korean
    • peachy color
    • gradient lips
    • bright colour (bright pink is really popular in K-series)
  • Western
    • all lip colours are gorgeous
    • matte finish or maybe add some lip gloss

These are all the differences between two cultures. At first, I didn’t notice the differences among them. I think that everybody can do any kinds of makeup. But media makes us think that all people in Western areas do makeup like this, and all Asian people do makeup like that. But actually, everybody can do anything he/she desired. I receive the information by being unaware of the Western youtubers and Korean series. The impact of the media creates a new belief in a society which sometimes it might be true, but sometimes, it might not be true. I can say and admit that what I have written is quite stereotypes. But I didn’t mean to be mean by saying the differences among them. I just want to show you guys on what trends media gives us.

Ok, so I hope you guys like my post. And please do not forget to check my video! And subscribed her if you want. She is probably going to have more videos to check it out later. So stay tuned! Now, I have to say goodbye. Thanks for reading. Goodluck!




3 thoughts on “How Media Changes Makeup Trends

  1. omg!! I love your video > < it is easy to understand and you guys just so adorable together lol.
    Moreover, I prefer mix style between Western and Korean !! I usually like to make my face part and eyebrows in Western style but eyes and lip in Korean style. ❤


  2. For me, I love Korean beauty trend because it is not too heavy and look so natural but US blogger is also impressed me with their makeup techniques too. It is different to choose which one is good or bad?
    ❤ Your video is super cute I love the way you do each side of your friend face for each makeup style.


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