Cultural Diffusion in Fashion

Cultural diffusion is a spread of cultural trends across locations. It can be the beliefs, ideas, or even viral videos. It can come across from the countries that far away from us, or maybe just within your group of society. This time, I’m going to focus on clothes and makeup.

First, the cultural trend may start from sending a message by letter, WOM (word of mouth), or activities within those cultures. But now, cultures always change and it changes every day when the ‘social network‘ play a big role in our society. We can receive many news and information from using Facebook or Instagram. For example, what comes in the news feed is what our friend post or share. We tend to see many emotional videos or hilarious videos from other countries and this is what we called ‘contagious diffusion’. The source has been shared from the original to numerous source. We can know what the fashion is from seeing the pictures on the page you follow or maybe someone else’s share. We will know by being unaware that the trend of fashion today is wearing jean skirts with sunglasses, for instance. And for all fashionistas, when we receive the new trend, we will try to find the clothes that look similar or buy those kinds of clothes and wear it in order to stick to the trend.


I’m the one who really likes Korean fashion and passion on watching Korean series. When I see the actress wear a nice sweater, I really want to wear it too. Unfortunately, the weather in my country is very hot. And it’s going to be hot all year with slightly colder in December. So that’s why I cannot wear a sweater like other countries that have cold weather.  To fix the problem, many Thai people also open the stores that make the sweater thinner and we can wear it more comfortable and will never get sweaty. This can be called ‘stimulus diffusion’ which means the trends of cultures are changed for adapting with the environment.

As same as makeup, in Korea, it’s very popular to make your makeup have a dewy finished look. But you know, in Thailand, we cannot do that all the time. Otherwise, our skin will get even more oily. For example, cushion foundation is a very popular product in Korea. When we apply it, our face will look really natural with a nice glow on our face. I’ve once used a cushion and I pretty like the finished look. But several hours later, my face is really oily! And that looks so sticky. If you have a dry skin, maybe you can use it but for me who got a very oily skin. It won’t work unless I apply the powder on top to make it become matte finish. Then the beauty industries know the problem. There are so many brands out there that produce a cushion with matte finish including western high-end brands like Dior, YSL and Lancome and etc. in order to serve the customer needs.


The another fashion trend that I see in other countries is to wear a nice warm scarf, cool gloves and sweat ear covers (is that what you called? Tell me if I’m wrong lol). And yes, I really want to wear it for my entire life but it would not happen to me unless I have to go abroad in winter. For me, I think it’s very cool to wear those kinds of clothes. But my friends once said to me that the weather is way too damn cold on winter. It doesn’t only cold, but it can torture you if you don’t wear or layer the clothes properly. But you know, I still want to experience it by myself once in a lifetime!

Talking more about adapting the trends to become our own styles, Thai owner buy a franchise from many foreign brands like H&M, Forever XXI, Uniqlo and others. Most of the stores like to decorate their shops to suit the festival. For example, there is a Songkran festival (Thai’s news year) in my country. So I can see many shops decorate their figure model to hold a water gun with a flower necklace. I think this is pretty cool. We learn to import other products but never forget to adapt it to blend well with our cultures. As same as when our HM the King passed away, all the brands decorate their shops in black to pay respect to the King.


Alright guys, so what do you think about the cultural diffusion in fashion industries? Tell me if you can think any others than mine! I also want to know your cultural trends as well. Now it’s time for me to go. See you again on my next blog!




2 thoughts on “Cultural Diffusion in Fashion

  1. Your blog is amazing!! I really like how you express your thought to us😍 When I was an exchange student in the US, people there shown me that teenager in the US always wear a lot of make-up so, I think that it is made me want to put make-up on too.


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