There are stereotypes everywhere. It’s some kinds of hyperreality and hyper identity in which we tend to see things as reality while actually, it might not be truly real. These are some examples that I want to show you about stereotypes in makeup and fashion industries. So here you go!

  1. Dark lipstick = VILLIAN


  • Some people tend to think that people who wear dark or red lipstick are those that have high confident and evil. We can see in many dramas or even in the cartoons that all the bad guys always have dark and red lipsticks. In another case, people like to think that girls with red lipstick have high confident. Actually, the colour is just an option for you to think what it should be, but it doesn’t tell you exactly what the person is. Sometimes I just only want to apply red lipstick and that is just it. It might seem that I have high confident, but you know, I’m really a shy person (really!)

2. Boys wear makeup = GAY


  • It seems so common for girls that they can wear makeup. But how about for guys? Guys also human. They can also do makeup. I also have a friend who is not gay, but he just wants to do his makeup to conceal his pimples. Just same as girls. So please don’t judge them because they wear makeup! Makeup is not only for girls, but it’s for all of us to have fun in creating new styles of our face!

3. Boys wear skirts = WEIRD


  • I don’t really know why guys cannot wear skirts while girls can wear both skirts and trousers. Actually, for the younger generation, most of them may accept the fashion in which boys can wear skirts. But we need time to make it be usual. Meanwhile, for the older generation, they might think that it’s odd for guys to wear skirts since they just wear trousers for a long time (except for some countries that boys wearing skirts are usual in their traditional or cultural fashions.)

4. Hoodies = GANGSTERS

  • I’ve seen in many movies that the gangsters always wear hoodies. I don’t know why but somehow hoodies are symbols of being tough and cool or as we can say, gangsters. Wearing hoodies imply that you are hiding something when you put your hand in the pocket. Or it means you are hiding your face from doing something wrong. This can be interpreted in many ways. But for me, hoodies can be some kinds of fashion that people wear during winter. Not all people who wear hoodies are gangsters, maybe they are celebrities that want to hide their faces from paparazzi.

5. Wearing sunglasses to look cool


  • Alright, this is true that sunglasses make you look cool. It makes the whole image look smarter and cooler for some reasons. Wearing them under the sunlight is fine, but how about in the building that doesn’t have any light? Why some people still wear it. Sometimes it looks cool but sometimes that person is trying too much to be cool and the result seems unnatural. Let me tell you this. When I was in high school, one of my teachers always wears sunglasses to school. And I really have no idea why. Maybe he thinks he looks cool? Or he just wants his appearance to be tough and make students afraid of him? Not only me that have these kinds of opinions, but also my classmates. One day, one of my classmates asked another teacher (that is his friend) why he always wears the sunglasses even though he is in the building and in the room? Why does he need to wear even in the classroom teaching students? His friend said that he (the sunglasses teacher) has very sensitive eyes. He has very light eye colour and is sensitive to the light. That’s why he needs to wear them all the time. Then everybody in the class be like “Oh…I get it.” After that, I told myself that I will never judge people by looking only at my thoughts, but need to learn to listen to others as well.

6. Glasses, Books = NERDS


  • Well, I’m also a person who faces the problem of short eyesight and I understand the glasses people out there that there must be at least one person called you nerdy. You know, the problem of having short eyesight doesn’t appear only because we read textbooks too much, but it can be from playing games or using phones in the dark. This doesn’t mean that people who love reading books are the nerd. There are various kinds of books to choose. For me, nerdy is a person who really really addicted to studying and do not care about anything else. But what’s wrong with it? Being nerd is not wrong. So stop bully others because they are nerdy!

7. Pimples = DIRTY AND UGLY


  • It can be true that some people have pimples because they do not clean their face properly. But for someone, they have blemishes because of the hormone. I had once struggled with the pimples on my year 1. At that time, I had a very bad skin. I have so many pimples and I really didn’t know why and I’m sure that I clean my face properly. Some of my friends and even my mom asked me if I washed the face properly or there might be makeup left on my face. I have no idea about it so I decided to see the doctor and she said it was hormone. Nothing can fix it. I know that nobody wants to have pimples. But please know that you are not ugly! Just delete all those comments that make you feel uncomfortable.

Alright guys, I guess that all the examples of the fashion stereotypes. What do you guys think about it? Let me know in the comment down below and tell me further what examples you can think. For now, I have to go. See you soon on my next blog. Bye-bye!




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