The Role of Makeup in Advertisement

Makeup has become a pop culture (especially for women) in which most of the women always do makeup every day before they step out of the door. And you might think that ‘how can it be a pop culture?’ Well, we, considered as consumers, get to know makeup and receive the trends of beauty by advertisement.

We receive the beauty trends from other countries. At first, Thai people love wearing natural makeup by using an earth tone colour. But when wee see other countries do trends of makeup. We absorb and follow on what they did. In this state, we can see mainly from the social media, posters and advertisements.

There are mainly two types of advertisements which are called ‘hard sell’ and ‘soft sell’. In hard sell advertisement, we can see obviously about what is the product about, its function and how to use.

The aim of hard selling is to promote the product directly to the customers. The another example is that I’m sure that you guys who love makeup may walk into the counter brand. A few weeks ago, I went to Bobbi Brown shop to buy only a corrector for my undereye area. The BA (beauty assistant) of the Bobbi Brown came to me and help me chose the colour that will suit with my dark circle. After I finished choosing the shade and just ready to pay, the BA started to sell other makeup products. He said to me that oh, don’t you want this one? It’s new here. The foundation is very nice. Do you want a concealer? Do you want a brush for blending on your eyes? I was like ‘oh, no!’ Then he took me to sit in front of the mirror and try me both corrector and concealer. Then I was like ‘oh, wow!’ So that day, I bought two products which are corrector and concealer while actually, my goal is to buy only corrector. But that’s fine tho. I still love Bobbi Brown lol. And this is the key! Some of the sellers know who see their brands as a ‘brand royalty’. Whatever they do to us, we still buy it if we see them as our royalty brand. So hard selling can be very successful at this point.

While in soft sell, as its name ‘soft’, it is an advertisement that seems to sell by using emotional feelings and sell indirectly.

This is an example of soft selling:

I’m sorry that there is no CC English sub. But I will tell you briefly what the video is about. The video tells and focuses on the story that she said. She talked about her life that she has passed so many things, so many experiences and obstacles in her life. But she needs to fight. In the end, she states that ‘age is the guarantee of our life that tell us how long we have been beautiful.’ And at the very end of the video, the product appears. This video doesn’t sell the product directly, it just implies that you can have a beautiful life if you use Lancome’s skincare. The ads play with customers’ feeling and let the people enjoy the video instead of selling directly.

Now, let’s move on to another topic! The impact of makeup advertisement.

Makeup has changed people behaviours through the advertisements that appear on TV, radio and mostly on the Internet. Nowadays, there are more beauty gurus, beauty bloggers and beauty youtubers. Every time when I want to watch the video on YouTube, the ads will appear. And sometimes when I watch the videos from the youtubers, they are sponsored! This means in their videos, they use the beauty products that they get from the brand as to sponsor, sell and review the product in their videos. This really creates an impact on the viewers or their fans. When the viewers see that their favourite youtubers use this brand, they also want to buy as they want to be like their role models. This is the same thing as we see from the celebrities like Kylie Jenner. She has very nice lips and eyes. She sells makeup. Everyone buys her product because they want to be like her. I also want to have her eyeshadow palette in my makeup collection because it’s very beautiful!

When people see and buy makeups, there are more people using the makeup. And this can create more critics and judges that like to judge everyone in this world. Some people might say that those who don’t know how to do makeup are out of trend as it’s been quite a norm that every woman wears makeup every day. But that is not a matter. And of course, some group of people will judge those who wear too much makeup and lost all natural beauty things. Well, our society has many sides and many angles.

Let’s watch this video:

As you can see, this is what people in the society like to say. When someone doesn’t wear makeup, they judge. When someone wears too much makeup, they judge. So what exactly they want?

And I guess you can see many people did a ‘don’t judge challenge’ video and it has been viral videos like, most of the people did it! The #dontjudgechallenge thing is a challenge that you start painting your face to become ugly and then you just become beautiful at the end.

For some people, they might want to really raise awareness and show that you shouldn’t judge people from the outside. But there are some people that just want to show their pretty faces to the public and want the compliments and that’s all.

To conclude and answer the question, how makeup play a role in the advertisement? All things I mentioned are the answer keys. When people see the advertisement, they consume more makeup. When people buy more makeup, more critics and more judges appear. New trends come, out trends go or may remain the same.

Anyway, I hope you learn more about the makeup advertisement and the impact of the beauty of society. Please let me know if you have any question or comment on my article. See you soon on my next blog. Bye!




7 thoughts on “The Role of Makeup in Advertisement

  1. I know that a lot of youtube videos are sponsored especially make up/beauty related! But even with that I still watch them, I suppose this is a kind of marketing strategy that the brands are doing and it’s working!

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