What Guys Should Know More About Makeup

There are so many kinds of people who love things differently. Some might love playing games, some might interest in music, and some might be crazily in love with makeup. When people are interested in something, they form a group unintentionally with other people that interested in the same thing as them. For me, I really like to talk to my friend that has the same identity with me. And I can talk like non-stop about makeup, skincare and other fashion or beauty stuff.

In our beauty world, we all familiar with the words like foundation, eyeshadow and lipstick. But for guys or some people who do not pay attention to beauty might not know about this. And today I will help all the people around the world understand more about the terms of makeup. So, please continue to read!

These are some of the examples that people might not know about makeup:

  1. Foundation

  • We all know that the word ‘foundation’ means a groundwork or fundraising organisation in general. But in this term, ‘foundation’ means the first step or a base make up. For guys, they might know this word if they have girlfriend that always begs to buy make up for them or see from the Internet. Actually, this is quite hard to say, but there are so many kinds of foundations that have been created nowadays such as stick foundation, liquid foundation, air flash spray foundation and cushion.

Cushion is very popular in Asian culture. That is because it can be easily applied and it also gives nice natural finished look.

  • Some people might wonder, what are the differences among these kinds of things? For makeup fans like us, nothing is the same. Everything is different. Each of them does the same job which is to be a primary step and to even out the skin. But it gives different finished look. For this, it’s up to the brand’s claim whether which one gives a matte look or which one gives a dewy look.

2. Lipstick

  • I’m sure that everyone knows this word. Again, there are many types of lipsticks which are liquid lipstick, lipstick palette, lip gloss and lipstick itself (a lipstick in a form of stick) etc. Todays, people really enjoy using liquid lipstick as Kylie Jenner made her own brand ‘Kylie’ and sells makeup products like eyeshadow, lip liner and liquid lipstick which created a popular trend (or pop culture) among teenagers and makeup fans.
  • Lipstick also comes up with many formulae like matte, satin, rouge and etc. Maybe you can try to find some that will suit you best. For me, I really like matte finish because it looks so glam yet simple when I apply on my lips!

3. Powder

  • For this, you might think that why girls have to buy expensive powders? Why won’t they just use a normal baby powder? Guys! Listen to me. It’s-not-the-same!
  • There are so many kinds of powders out there, but one of the powders I like to use the most is a translucent powder. A translucent powder is a powder that is translucent (I’m not joking lol!) Its job is to set all over our face after we apply a foundation to make it stay in place. A powder foundation also comes in when we don’t have enough time, we can use a powder foundation instead of using a liquid foundation. But I think it’s not natural like using liquid or stick foundation. And how can you know it? Just try it out! But to recommend you guys, I like to use a powder foundation to cover my dark spots that cannot be covered by a concealer or foundation. This step can give fuller coverage on your face.

The left one is translucent powder and the right hand side is a powder foundation. As you can see, it has a soft light texture and once you apply it, it won’t make your makeup or foundation that you already applied change the colour. That’s why I really like it! 

Apart from the categories of makeup, there are also some vocabularies which we do not use in our daily life to talk with others such as eyelid, crease, inner corner, outer corner, water line and cupid’s bow etc. At first, I have no idea what these words mean. But when I started addicted to videos on YouTube, I gradually absorb these kinds of words into my mind by didn’t need to open dictionary or subtitles. I’m sure that in every society, everyone must have their own words that use only in groups. Just thinking, if I talk to the gamers about “Hey, do I look good with this soft cut crease look?” They will be like, what? What is cut crease? Something like that lol.

Things we like can change our habits. It makes us go through deeper and find out more information about it. When I was a makeup beginner, I know only powder and lipstick. But when I came into this society, I tend to know and learn more of makeup products. I learn from the beauty gurus like youtubers and beauty bloggers. I followed them and bought a product they used in the video. This created an impact for those of people who didn’t know much about makeup. And if you are reading this, please be careful of what you are going to buy. Don’t be like me! Please find more information before you buy it because some products that beauty gurus use are sponsored.

I hope this article will be helpful for you guys. Today I just want to create a content that everyone can understand. If you have something to add, please let me know in the comment box and I will check it out! See you soon on my next blog, bye!

*PS. This blog is a part of JM204 class. My class at Bachelor of Journalism and Mass Communication in Thammasat University.*




4 thoughts on “What Guys Should Know More About Makeup

    1. Well, I include the pop culture! And I remember in class you teach about people that have different kinds of groups so that creates different kinds of cultures. All I want to say is that makeup is also some kinds of pop culture for some groups of people. When we share interests in the same group, we learn and create new words. That’s what I mean.


      1. Yes that’s true! Would have just enjoyed to read even more about that connection. As of why is that the case, how does that change people, society or how does it change over time and why. You got a nice writing style so don’t be shy away from more detailed posts! 🙂


  1. In the past, there might have only liquid foundation or normal lipstick. But todays, most people don’t have enough time to do their makeup since they have to go to work. That’s why in the makeup industries, they create more makeup products that consist of convenient packaging in order to be easier and faster to use and save our time. Thanks for your comment. I’ll definitely add more details on my post!


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