How Beauty Trends Impact Society

Hi guys! It’s me, Tsuyu and welcomes to my blog! Today’s blogging will be about the beauty trends that have been shown in the media or the Internet these days. We’ve seen quite a lot that people tend to follow what the beauty bloggers, beauty gurus or even supermodels perform their beauty conceptions in the social media such as Instagram, YouTube or their personal blog websites.

Talking about beauty trends, it can be categorised in many ways because the trends always change due to the surrounding things that shaped or life. It can be cultures, social norms or even technologies.

For cultures, we can see that mostly in the western areas love having tanned skin, big lips and full eyebrows. If we watch the music video or songs nowadays, we can see that there are lots of MV that have girls in big boobs, big lips and big booties lol.


Some of the youtubers (or the people who make the videos on YouTube) filmed themselves having a surgery on their lips. And this is contrast to the Asian sides. In Asian, people really want their skin to be pale. This is because of many drama series always have actors in pale skin. Their face needs to be small, v-shaped, and pale.

This video is very good so don’t forget to see it!

As I’ve already mentioned that trends always change as same as our minds. People always change. But it’s just up to them that they will choose to change in the better way or worse. It’s not wrong to be tanned or pale. It’s just up to those people perceptions. But please be aware if you want to use tanning products for getting tanned or consume too much of gluta that will make your skin become whiter because all of these can cause a harm to your skin.

Western VS Asian styles

In Thailand, people, especially for the adults and older people, didn’t accept those who have a tattoo. It’s been like a taboo for teenagers and especially for girls to not have tattoos. But the society changes. According to technologies and new media, people can get to learn new trends from other countries. When the impact of media from western sides came to us, more people open their minds and accept the differences among others. That’s why we can see more Thai people have a tattoo and it doesn’t seem to be wrong even for girls. Everybody is equal so it’s not something that we cannot accept anymore. But of course, there are people who always anti in everything but I think having a tattoo is up to that personal styles so we shouldn’t judge the book by its cover.

We always use Instagram and Facebook. We follow many actors and singers in the social media. We consume their beauties and that injects and shapes us how beauty looks like. When we see the supermodel or superstar face with makeup in IG. We tend to think that ‘Oh, her skin is so flawless.’ ‘What product does she use?’ And I have to say that, many of Thai famous people always review the cosmetics in IG. They like to say that this is good, that is good. Why they like to do this? The answer is some of them got it for free and in exchange, they have to help advertise the products.

Some pictures of the actors that we’ve seen that their faces have no pimples may be photoshopped. We cannot believe all things that come through the Internet because people can say anything they want and we cannot know that is it truth or false. Many celebrities post their pictures with a very good skin. But actually, they may have so many scars. This is some sort of hyperidentity. They make people believe that their face is pretty and gorgeous (but with makeup). And those people who consume it will receive the perception of beauty from them.

However, don’t get me wrong! I didn’t try to be mean or unveil behind the scenes of their makeup because I also do my makeup everyday lol. But I just want to describe the term of hyperidentity in the media that will transfer to the people who consume it as well.

And here it comes to the makeup trend called ‘makeup no makeup!’ It’s how we do our makeup but we make it like we didn’t wear the makeup. Are this confused you guys? For examples, if I have scars or pimples, I will apply a concealer as light as I can. But it needs to be perfectly covered.  Or if I have dark lips, I will use a lipstick that has the same colour as the inside of my lips. And I need to apply it like I didn’t use a lipstick. This sounds harder than doing makeup properly but it works! I like doing makeup no makeup because I think it’s quite natural. And this can be called hyperidentity as well.

maxresdefault (1).jpg
Sona Gasparian, she is very gorgeous with and without makeup!

So what do you think about the beauty trends? Actually, there are so many trends changing from the past to today. Some people might think that we should follow every trend. But actually, it doesn’t need to be like that. It’s ok to stick with something you still enjoy or like it. And if what you do is not in the trend or maybe unique (like normal people didn’t do), that’s still ok. Nothing’s wrong if you didn’t hurt anybody.

Oh by the way, this blog is for my class JM204 (a class in university) so I need to make my content related to the course. I’m sorry that it’s not that chill or related to my personal view so much. But anyway I hope you like it! Please tell me if you can think of more beauty trends that impact the society. And please share your current beauty trend! For me, my current beauty trend is to be myself! That’s the most comfortable and even trend after all. Thanks for reading my blog. See you soon next week!


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