Greeting everyone. I’m finally back! YAAAAY. Today, I’m going to show you how I do my everyday makeup routine. This is super easy. You guys can follow and adapt to your own style. It might not be perfect. But I’ve tried my best!

If you want to watch in a form of video, please check it out here!

But if you guys still want to see in a text form, you can still stay here on my blog. So yeah, I’m not going to talk too much this time. LET’S GET STARTED!

After I apply my sunscreen, I’m going to go directly using the corrector from Becca which has a peachy pinky tone. This kind of colour will help brighten up the dark circles.

While I’m waiting for it to set under my eye area, I’m going to use a concealer to conceal my scars and pimples on my face. Since this is a normal everyday life, I don’t want it to be perfectly concealed or fully covered. It’s fine for me if the scars seem to appear.

Going back to my eyes, I will use a concealer from Collection in number 1 fair to apply on my dark circles in a triangle shape as it will blend nicely with a brush.

Then I will use a foundation powder to give more coverage on my scars. Followed by using a translucent powder to set all over my face for making my makeup stay in place all day.

And it’s time for eyebrows! I like to start drawing my brows from outer part to inner part. I think it’s easier when you do in this way because you can control what shape you want your eyebrows to be.

So, I will use the brow pencil first then followed by a powder one as to give it a nice shape and not too sharp. I just want it to be natural and light. Then I will use a spoolie brush to make it more blendable. And a final step for eyebrows is to use an eyebrow mascara to set the brows in place! The last step will make your eyebrows last all day.

Moving on to eyeshadow, today I’m using the one from Physicians Formula which has very pigmented shades and colours. But all of them are shimmer, so there are no matte shades in this kit. And yes…it’s very affordable, so that’s why I really love it!

I chose to use a bronzy brown eyeshadow because I think it’s quite natural for your eyes. Then I’m going to use a white pink pencil to tight line my lower water line to enhance my eyes and make it look bigger and brighter.

And to make my eyes popped, I like to add some highlighter on the inner corner of my eyes. And I really love using the one from the Balm as it gives a very bright and shiny colour on my eyes.

After that, I will curl my lashes and apply a mascara both on the upper and lower lashes.

Then coming back to my entire face, I really like to contour especially on my forehead. As you guys see, I have a very very BIG forehead. So I need to contour this!

Actually, I’ve made a blog on how to make your forehead look smaller, so please check it out!

After I contour my forehead, I’m going to add it on my crease as well.

Then I use a bigger brush to give a warmer colour to my face. Doing this will make my entire makeup look more natural.

Next, I will use a blusher from Tarte in the colour called ‘Exposed’ to add colour on my cheeks. Again, I’m really obsessed with this nude pink colour. It’s very natural and suitable for all skin tones. I’m really a big fan of Tarte’s blushes because it’s very long lasting.

Finally, the last part! Congrats for me lol. I’m using a lip graduation from Maybelline New York (actually, it looks like a lip crayon) in the colour Mauve. And this colour is really pretty! But this product is quite a love-hate product for me. I really like the colour and its formula. But to be honest, I hate the packaging. It can get dirty so easily. I don’t know that is that only me who think like this but you know, I still use it because it’s good lol.


So yeah, this is the finished look on how I do my everyday makeup routine. I know that it might not be perfect because you can still see my scars. But that’s only because the media nowadays has shaped our mind to have a perfect skin.  Actually,  everyone can be beautiful from their own nature. People do not have to put on a heavy makeup to be beautiful. Each person may have different perceptions on defining beauty. In Asia, people tend to think that people who have a pale skin, tiny nose and V-shaped face are beautiful while the western may think that girls who have big lips or tanned skin are pretty. These are all because of the media. We tend to see how we define beauty from the models on the Internet or TV. By all means, it’s not wrong on what you think is beautiful. But do not criticise others from their look. Everyone has their own unique style and perception. We live in a media society, so what people should do is to learn to accept and respect the differences. That’s all.

Please let me know if you have any questions or suggestions. See you soon on my next blog. And don’t forget to see my video as well!

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