Hello guys, I’m back yayyy!! It’s been a while since my last post. Recently, I’ve been busy with my final exam. But now, It’s all over! So, today I want to talk about acnes again since lately my pimples start to pop up on the chin. And that’s really annoyed me because it’s very big and so painful.


But first, I want to talk about the cause of pimples.

I have to admit that I don’t know why my pimples keep coming out on my chin since I really take care of my skin and I didn’t use any new skincare products. It’s always pop up during my period (but normally I don’t have much). But this time, it just continues to increase and I don’t really know why. So I think I will go to see a doctor next week to see what’s the reason behind these freaking acnes. Mark my words that, It’s really important to treat the root cause rather than the symptoms. When you know the roots of the problem, you know how to solve or cure it.

However, as I already mentioned that now I don’t have time to see the doctor, so I bought a new acne treatment for using it temporarily. But it really surprised me because I think it’s so incredible!

The first one is called Smooth-E Acne Plus.This one will be my waaaay favourite acne cream ever! This cream helps lessen the pain of my pimples, especially for the red, big and hurted one (that always come from hormone, the excess amount of oil, or period). Once I apply this cream on my big red pimples on my chin (that hurts so badly), and yes…it’s really hurt and even more hurt. But the results is really good. The kind of a pimple I have is really hard to disappear. But this cream helps it gone faster. So I really do love this stuff!

And of course, once your pimples were gone, but left with the black scar. This Smooth-E Scar cream help my scar disappear faster. But you know, it still needs time. For me, I don’t take much seriously on the scar because I know that it’s going to be gone someday. But what really annoys me is the active acnes that always come for no reason and no invitation from anybody!

So, that’s all for today. I hope you find my post helpful. And I guarantee you that this is not a sponsored content at all. The price is very affordable so I don’t hesitate to buy it. And it didn’t make me disappoint since the quality is also good. For now, I have to go! See you soon on my next blog. If you have any question or suggestion, feel free to comment down below!





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