Tartlette VS Tartlette in Bloom REVIEW + SWATCH


Hello, everybody! This is a topic that I had already talked about when I wrote a blog at Jeban.* Actually, I wrote it in Thai. That’s why today I’m going to write about this topic again since it’s a topic that everyone has been talking about which one will suit best with them: Tartelette or Tartelette in Bloom.

* Jeban is a website that allows people to write a blog about beauty and fashion.

DSCF6136.JPGTartelette is the first eyeshadow palette that came out before Tartelette in Bloom. Tartelette contains only matte shade. There’s no glitter, no sparkles, and no shimmer. But the colours are so pigmented and creamy as it can be blended easily on your eyes. I really like to use and mix it with another palette that has shimmer. I think their matte colours are really natural. Its brown colour is perfect for contouring on your crease and nose as well.

DSCF6138.JPGComing to Tartlette in Bloom, this palette contains 3 shimmery colours. Again, the formula is really buttery and blendable like the previous one. Tarte’s eyeshadows have a very high quality which is easy to work with. I really love all the shimmery shades that came in with this palette. The shimmers are very pretty and gorgeous. And if you are a rose gold fan, I really recommend this palette!



(without&with flash)

(without&with flash)


without flash
with flash

Which one do I prefer?

Well, it’s a tough question here. Actually, I cannot choose one (this is why I bought them both lol). But I have to be honest… I like the second one more than the first one since I’m a person who in love with shimmers. But later I’ve found out that I use Tartelette more than Tartelette in Bloom because its matte colours are more natural. It can be used to create many versatile looks. The black colour of Tartelette is also really black while the Tartelette in Bloom doesn’t have one. But you know, it has shimmers! So it’s very hard to pick one of them. I would recommend for those of you who want only one palette and done to buy the second palette since it has both matte and shimmers. But if you are a makeup fan, buying all matte colours also useful since you can mix it with other brands (or buy both!).

(both of them are really blendable, pigmented and long lasting.)


  • best for matte colour lovers
  • natural colours (have both cool tone and warm tone)
  • can mix and match with other shimmer colours

Tartelette in Bloom

  • beautiful shimmers
  • rose gold fans
  • pink lovers!
  • best for beginners

And here you go, all of my swatches on these two eyeshadow palettes. Hope you like my review. If you guys have any question, please don’t hesitate to ask! And please stay tuned to see what I’m going to do next on my blog. But now, I have to go. See you soon. Bye!






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