Autumn in Thailand

I’ve always wished Thailand would have other seasons rather than Summer! Actually, we do have 3 kinds of weather which are Summer, Winter, and Rainy season. But I just wish it would have leaves falling, leaves changing colour and a snow. I’ve seen many bloggers in other countries wearing fashion clothes inspired by the 4 seasons which is absolutely gorgeous and trendy. Although my country doesn’t have Autumn like anybody else, I just want to do this anyway. So, today I will be doing an Autumn fashion which I decided to adapt and apply to the hot damn weather here!


I chose to wear casual and comfortable clothes since it’s easy to work with. Maybe you could try something special rather than a normal t-shirt by wearing a turtleneck or playing with some colours which match well with Autumn.

For the colours of Autumn, when it comes to my mind, I will think about the colours of a berry red, yellow, brown, orange and etc. Here are some of the colours I really recommend that it fits well with this season.

Actually, you do not need to follow all of my words, I just want to show what I think or my opinion due to the weather. If you want to wear any colours rather than this, it’s fine. Absolutely fine! There’s no right or wrong when it comes to fashion!

I matched the yellow-brown shirt with a blue jean skirt. I think it’s super cute when it comes together. For those of you who might curious that why I’m wearing only these 2 pieces of clothes. Again, it’s because of the weather! The temperature here is up to 32 degrees Celsius (or 89.6 degrees Fahrenheit). That’s why I really jealous other countries lol.


When there’s a little bit windy, I think a red coat which has some creative and cool pattern will perfectly match with a simple dress up! I got this coat from H&M and it’s absolutely warm when wearing it. I really love the pattern and the style!



For shoes, it would be great with the black sandals as well. But I didn’t have one and that’s ok! I think it also works great with sneakers or your favourite shoes. Choose the one that makes you become yourself and comfortable with it. That’s the key!



  • TOP: I bought this one online (cannot remember the website…sorry)
  • BOTTOM: Jatujak Green (JJ Green)
  • OUTER: H&M
  • SHOES: Converse

Please let me know if there’s any mistake or any suggestion in the comment down below! Have fun with an AWESOME AUTUMN! ❤


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