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Hello, everybody! I’m sure that you guys must own at least one mac lipstick in your vanity, am I right? (or wrong maybe lol). Today I’ll be reviewing all of my MAC lipsticks I’ve got and showing my swatches on my lips as well. So yeah, let’s get into it!



Twig is the latest colour that I bought recently. The colour is so gorgeous and really suitable for Autumn. Twig has a satin formula with a pink to brown colour. I have to admit that the reason I decided to buy this colour was because I saw Lilymaymac used this colour! (She’s really pretty!) And I never regret it after I bought since the colour is really nice.

Speed Dial is pink with a blue undertone. This colour matches perfectly for those of you who like kinda barbie pink look. But I don’t really enjoy using this because I think it doesn’t suit my face and my skin colour. The formula of this colour is cremesheen. So, if you want a barbie pink with some glossy in it, you must not miss it!

This is one of my favourite colour! Please Me is a matte finish with a pink shade. This colour is very PRETTY! I really adore it. It suits well for any natural look or an everyday look in any occasion. But I don’t recommend to use it every day since the formula is matte. It might make your lips get dry easily. So don’t forget to moisture your lips before applying a lipstick.

I’m sorry to say this to those of you who are a fan of Angel. Angel is my least favourite in my Mac lipstick collection. The colour is so nude. It’s a pink-nude shade with a frost finish. This colour is the most glossy from the 6 of them. If you are a person who has a very dark and deep eye circles like me, you cannot apply only lipstick and done. I suggest you use this colour whenever you wear a heavy or colourful eyeshadow. It will really suit well. And of course, don’t forget to wear a concealer to cover your little panda, otherwise you will look like you haven’t slept for one week!

Coming to my top favourite colour, Kinda Sexy! This colour is a matte finish with a coral nude shade which really suits my skin colour. It’s not too nude that you have to put a heavy eyeshadow onto your eyes. I have nothing to say more but I LOVE YOU, Kinda Sexy! I really recommend to you guys to check this one out. Obsessed!

Finally, the last colour, Vegas Volt. This is probably the first Mac lipstick I purchased on my own. Vegas Volt is an amplified finish with an orange tone. This colour is very creamy and really pretty for Summer time!


These are my swatches!


apologise for my little moustache…

Overall, I really do love Mac lipsticks (and yes I plan to buy more…). All of them are really creamy, pigmented and easy to apply. For me, I found out that the matte and satin finishes are the most long lasting formula. But as I already mentioned that if you don’t nourish your lips properly and apply the matte one, your lips might get dry and patchy.

So these are all of my Mac lipstick collection! Hope you enjoy! Please share me your best and beloved Mac lipstick you owned. If you guys have any questions, feel free to ask in the comment down below! I will apply as soon as possible.

Love you guys!
Tsuyutopia ❤





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