Good morning, good afternoon and good evening all of you around the world. Shall we put on some nice accessories and go travel for a short break after having a midterm crisis? And absolutely, the answer is YES! Every of you might have your favourite outfits. Don’t you think to add some more gimmicks to match your clothes with accessories? Personally, I really like to wear accessories since it will make my casual clothes look more special. For example, you can see it from the street fashion, wearing a normal white t-shirt with jeans might look too simple. But if you add some accessories like sunglasses or headband, it will totally change your look! And today, I want to share my top favourites accessories that I like to wear in my everyday life. So let’s get started!



I really like wearing choker these days since it looks so cool! It matches perfectly with a wide top or wide t-shirts. I like to wear it when my top is too wide and when it has some space left on my neck. It will make everything look more balanced and more appealing!



I cannot live without a hairband. In Thailand, the weather is very hot. It’s needy to have some hairband with you anywhere you go. Sometimes, I like to wear a normal hairband without any decorations or stripes. But I also enjoy using hairbands which you can see in the picture. It’s really cute and adorable! That’s why I didn’t hesitate to buy these cuties! I bought all of them from Disney Store when I had a chance to visit Disneyland.



A headband has unconditionally become my favourite since I had bought it for the first time. It really helps my outfit and my style have something more special in it. I really like to wear it when my hair doesn’t look good. Yeah…sometimes I don’t have enough time to wash my hair and hence it makes my hair looks really oily. But this headband helps me a lot to cover my messy hair lol.



If you have long arms, wearing bracelets will really look good on you. But for those of you who have short arms like me, it doesn’t mean that we can’t wear a bracelet. I recommend you to wear only one or two is enough because if you wear too much, the narrower space on your arms can be outstanding even more. If you are a person who likes to wear a sleeveless or strapless, wearing bracelets can enhance your look to be more elegant and delicate as well!



A ring is also a part of my go to fashion accessories when I don’t know what to wear to make my style look more completed. But I only like to wear on my left hand because I’m a person who writes with my right hand. Whenever I wear it on my right hand, I always take it off since it makes me a little bit annoyed. So I decided to wear only on my left.

And that’s it for my fashion accessories! What about yours?

Let me know in the comment down below!


Tsuyutopia ❤


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