Refreshing Your Skin With Facial Masks

“Lately I’ve been, I’ve been losing sleep
Studying about the things that will be on the exam~”

Hello, everyon…zZz…Oh! Hello, everyone! As you can see, I’ve been sleepless recently because next week, I have to take a midterm exam! Though my exam is coming, a girl like us cannot let our face get worn-out. So today, I’m here to sharing you how to refresh your skin from getting tired to become tidy by using only facial masks!

1. Charcoal Mask


– Origins: Clear Improvement Active Charcoal Mask To Clear Pores

  • This mask is absolutely my most favourite mask after all. Its duty is to clean and unclog the excess amount of an oil and take away the dirt in the pores. It also makes my skin revive from dullness.
  • How to use:
    • After washing your face, get a warm damp cloth to open your pores.
    • Apply a charcoal mask and leave it about 10-15 minutes to let it dry.
    • Once the mask is dry, rinse it with water or a warm cloth.
  • Best for oil control and acne
  • I bought it for about 850 baht ($24.29)


2.Sheet Mask


– LuLulun

  • A sheet mask has a slightly different purpose from the previous one. The charcoal mask helps get the dirt out of the pores, but the sheet mask brings moisturization and hydration to your skin.
  • How to use:
    • After washing your face, place this sheet mask on your face.
    • Start from the top to bottom, adjust the mask till it fits and no bubbles inside.
    • Wait for 10-15 minutes, then take it off.
    • If there’s an essence left on the sheet, use it to moisturize your neck and the rest of your body.
    • Follow by your skincare routine.
  • Best for dry, combination and oily skin
  • Especially for those of you who has patchy and uneven skin texture, it implies that your skin lacks water. So all you need to do is to add some water to your skin and don’t forget to drink lots of water!
  • Can’t remember the price (so sorry)


3.Sleeping Mask


– innisfree

  • I got these 3 sleeping packs for free when I bought the product of this brand up to 1,000 baht. I like to use the sleeping mask when my face is getting really tired and nothing can help it better.
  • How to use:
    • After you moisturize your skin with your favourite skincare, the sleeping mask is a final step to use on prepping your skin.
    • Apply the sleeping mask all over your face.
    • Finish! Next is to sleep as fast as you can since stay up all night will make your under eyes become like a panda.
  • Best for travelling since when you are on the plane, your face will get dry easily than normal.
  • Also best for all skin types
  • These are just only a tester that I got it for free, but the original sizes are also available on the website and store.


These are all my 3 favourite types of masks that I like to use when my face gets dull and gloomy. I hope you find this useful. And for those of you who read my blog and will have an exam soon, I wish all of you a good,great and best luck! Please gives a big thumbs up for getting grade A!! If you have any question or suggestion, feel free to ask down below (I mean, a comment about my blog, not the exam, ok? lol).


See you next week all my sweeties!

Best luck,

Tsuyutopia ❤



10 thoughts on “Refreshing Your Skin With Facial Masks

    1. Actually, charcoal mask is one of your choice. It can absorbs the excess oil in the skin. And when your face is clear without the excess amount of oiliness, it will prevent acnes.

      If you have prone skin, I don’t recommend you to use a scrub since it might hurt your skin. But there’s also a scrub which I heard it for a while which is called ‘sugar face polish’ from Fresh. I’ve heard from many beauty gurus that it is really good. The scrub sugar is very small and also gentle once you apply to the skin. But it’s a little bit pricy tho.

      For the scar, you may use the products contain whitening to help. But I think the only way to make it disappear is to be patient since it’s really hard to remove it.


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