My Best Products for Acne Treatments

Hello, everyone! Today I want to share my personal experience on pimples. I was a person who once had lots of pimples on my face. When I was in high school, I had no pimples at all. My face was clear like a baby butt (seriously). But one day, it started to pop up since I became a freshman. I had no idea why and what is the cause that made my pimples pop up so much. At that time, I was really depressed. Whenever I took a selfie, I couldn’t post the picture without a filter. It was so sad, so pathetic. I lost my self-confident so badly. I couldn’t go out without makeup. From a person who had got a compliment said “Why your skin is so smooth?” or “How can I get a flawless face like you?”, well, after my acnes started to increase, those compliments were gone. It had been replaced with a question, “What’s wrong with your face?” or “What happens to your skin?”. Sometimes, I also cried alone. For some people, they might think that it’s just a small part of your life, you shouldn’t take it serious like this. But you know, for some people like me, it was really sensitive. I tried many ways, bought new product treatments, but it still didn’t work.

Until one day, I had to practice dancing for the faculty’s activity. I practiced so hard for 3 weeks. At first, my pimples just normally popped up. But after I had practiced for about 2 weeks, my pimples stopped coming out. That was the reason why I think exercise is very important. In addition, I also went to see a doctor. She gave me external medical treatments for acnes, and my scars started to fade sway. So now, I really want to share with you guys what products I have been using for treating those freaking acnes!



  • A robaz gel is an antibacterial gel which will prevent acnes on your skin. This gel reduces lots of my acne and lessens the pain as well. Whenever I touch my face and feel the pain of acne that it’s going to come out, I will use this gel to stop the developing of acnes. And yas, it works!




  • A skinoren cream has an ability to reduce dark or red scars caused by pimples. To have a clear skin, all you need to do is be patient. It may take some time to make the scars disappear.




  • Differin is a gel which kills all kinds of acnes. My doctor recommended me to use only before bed since it has a strong formula. If you use at day time, your acnes might dry and get patchy.


Pair Acne


  • Whenever I have any irritated spots caused by an allergy to dust or pollution (not strong as pimples), I will apply this pair acne cream on my spots. Once I sleep and wake up, the spots just disappear like a magic!


Pruksa Acne Powder Water


  • Actually, most of my blemishes are aroused by a hormone. It’s really hard to prevent since the only thing that can stop the stimulation of hormone is to eat medicine (I don’t want to, I think it’s quite risky). However, this pruksa treats my pimples so nicely. Its powder absorbs the excess amount of an oil in the acnes and cures them fastly than normal. I use this only at night time.


Finally, the most important thing that really changed my life is EXERCISE! Don’t forget to exercise every day. Just only 30 minutes are fine. Remember, to have a flawless skin, you need to be healthy from the inside. Once your inside is strong, it leads a brighter skin to the outside as well.

Credit picture: huffingtonpost.com

Before leaving, all I want to say is I always support you guys. I understand your feelings. No one wants to have lots of pimples or scars. I believe one day, you will have a perfect skin like a doll!

Lots of Love,

Tsuyutopia ❤


4 thoughts on “My Best Products for Acne Treatments

    1. My face also feels a little bit itchy after using it. But it didn’t appear any redness on my skin. I think it might be the side effect of the cream or maybe your skin is very sensitive. If it really hurts your skin, I suggest you stop using it and see the doctor.

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