How to Calm Your Skin After A Sunburn

After I went to the beach at Rayong, I felt like my skin got darker and drier. However, I had prepared skincare and other products to soothe my skin after facing the sun, so my skin didn’t get worse like it should be. Here, I will show you how to calm both of your face and body after having a sunburn.

– Aloe Vera Gel


Aloe vera gel can calm your skin after the sun damage.  I recommend you to put it in a refrigerator before applying the product on your skin. When aloe vera gel gets cool, your skin will feel much more calm and fresh. The another advantage of aloe vera gel is that it can be applied on both face and body. I also use this product as my skincare routine since the weather where I live is super sunny!



When your skin breaks out because of the sun, you shouldn’t do anything harsh to your skin. Try using deep and gentle moisturizer. Then warm up the moisturizer with your fingers and gradually massage to your skin. You must be very careful and gentle on this step till the moisturizer melts into your skin.

For the moisturizer, if you have oily skin, I recommend you to use a moisturizer that has gel formula since gel can be easily absorbed into your skin than cream. Yes, if you have dry skin, I suggest you find a moisturizing cream because cream has a heavier texture than gel.



Nourishing and rejuvenating your skin by using a face mask can improve your skin from getting patchy and dryness. This step will bring water to your skin and make your face become more awake.

– Cool Down Your Skin


There are so many ways to cool down your skin varying from using an instant cold pack to taking a cold bath. Calming your skin by coldness will make you feel more relaxing and relieving from the heat.

– Drink Lots of Water


Since the sun damage has already taken away water from your body, drinking lots of water will hydrate and moisturize your skin from inside to outside. It also helps your skin become more balanced and clearer. When you are sweating, that’s the caution that you have lost the water. So, I recommend you to drink lots of water as you can. But be careful not to drink too much since it might cause another bad effect to your body.

– Use Sunscreen Everyday


Remember to use sunscreen everyday before stepping outside the house. Sunscreen provides a protection of UVA and UVB from the sun in which it protects your skin from the heat and prevents your skin not to get darker. If any of you love getting tan, you still need to use a sunscreen to protect the radiation that might cause a skin cancer in the future.

All of these are my recommendations to cure your skin of a sunburn. Hope you find these helpful! But if you have a really bad skin after facing the sun, and you do all of these steps and it still doesn’t work for you. I suggest you visit the doctor to get a better treatment since it might be worse if you don’t heal  or treat your skin nicely.

If you have any questions or suggestions added, feel free to tell me!


Tsuyutopia ❤




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