10 Beauty Essentials for Camping

In Thailand, the weather is extremely hot. The sun always shines like it’s going to explode soon. So, today I decided to write about what product we should bring to camping. Saying the word camping, it already implies that everything will absolutely be inconvenient since it will not have good facilities like we stay in a hotel. Therefore, I recommend you to bring it on your own for preventing your skin from the damage of the sun.


Benefit-POREfessional and Laura Mercier-Loose Setting Powder in Translucent


1. Primer and Powder

Primer is the first step that you should put on before doing the rest of your makeup. It helps your makeup last all day long and control the excess amount of oiliness on your face. After you are done with complexion, I recommend you to use a powder to set everything in place. Powder also does a job in controlling oiliness and make your makeup become more long lasting.


Canmake-Cream Cheek in CL08 (red) and 13 (pink)


2. Cream Blush

If any of you have a problem with blusher that fades away easily, try cream blush! Using cream blush before powder blush will make your blushes stay longer since the powder will stick to the cream. I’ve tried this trick and it works! Even I’m sweating, the blushes are still on my cheeks!


Maybelline-Hypercurl Volume Express Waterproof


3. Waterproof Mascara

Mascara that is claimed to be resisted from water is the most proper in summer. Walking all day long will make us sweating. If you use a normal mascara that doesn’t mention in the product that it’s waterproof, and if you rub your face with a tissue, the mascara will come off and move all around your eyes like a panda.


Carmex-original lip balm


4. Lip Balm

Hot weather sometimes makes our lips dry since we loose water from sweating. I suggest you bring lip balm to prepare your lips from dryness.


Za-True White Power Block UV SPF40 PA+++ (for face) and Banana Boat-Ultra Protect SPF80 PA+++ (for body)


5. Sunscreen for Face and Body

As you guys know, Thailand is waaaaay too hot! So, sunscreen is a MUST in which you should never forget to wear this. I recommend you to use a sunscreen that contains more than 30 PA+++ to prevent sunburn.


Soffell-Mosquito Repellent Lotion, Floral Fragrance


6. Mosquito Repellent Lotion or Spray

At night, a vampire named mosquito will come and play with us, but we don’t want to. The mosquito can cause a big impact of the disease. So, if your skin is very sensitive to the mosquito, you must not forget to apply this all over your body (avoid face area).


Hoja De Polvo-No fragrance (I bought it from DAISO, 60 baht)


7. Wet Wipes

Going to a camp will make your skin get dirty easily due to walking and doing many activities. Wet wipes or wet tissues can keep your hands or other dirty areas clean and clear.


Avene-mineral mist


8. Mineral Mist

Spraying mineral mist helps your skin refresh and revive from heating. It really does help awaken your skin as well. I always keep a mist wherever I go because my skin gets oily easily. Due to the hot weather, your skin might feel stuffy like you just came out of a sauna. I recommend you to spray this miracle mist, and it will really cool your skin down.


9. Hat

Of course, a hat is another protective tool to prevent UV from the sun. Getting too much UVA and UVB might break down your skin and cause a skin cancer, so remember to grab your favourite hat before having a journey!


Bought it from DAISO again


10. Hand Fan

A hand fan is also important when we have a long walk or stay in a place that doesn’t have enough fresh air or oxygen. Every time when I take a hand fan with me, my friends always ask me “Can I borrow your fan?” since the weather here is too damn hot (like hell, seriously).

So here are all 10 essentials things that I recommend you to bring for camping. You only live once, thus please be kind and gentle with your skin. If you guys have any questions or any comments, don’t forget to tell me in the comment box down below.

Always love,

Tsuyu ❤


3 thoughts on “10 Beauty Essentials for Camping

    1. Yeah, that’s right. I just went to a camp a few days ago. It’s pretty tired that I didn’t have enough time to take care of my skin. Anyway, be prepare is better lol! Thanks for the comment. ❤


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