Tips for Making Your Forehead Look Smaller


How many of you don’t feel confident when you have to show your big forehead to the public? Well, I’m one of those people. Since I was in primary school, my friends have always called me “Meng” (Thai word) which means “Big forehead” in English. However, I didn’t find it as sarcasm and didn’t take it as a bullying action. By all means, I like it when my friends called me by that name because it meant they were my close friends. But the reason why I love to have a bang is because I think I look better in this hairstyle and that makes me feel more confident with it.

Anyway, I cannot wear a bang all the time. When there was a special ceremony like graduation day, it’s my school tradition that everybody should do a proper hairstyle. So on that day, I’m not allowed to wear a bang. That’s why I want to share some tips to show you how I temporarily cover my huge forehead.

Tip no.1: Of course, cut a bang. This is the easiest and safest way to hide our big forehead. But as I mentioned, there must be some day that we cannot wear a bang. So, I have other tips for you.


Tip no.2:  Bring your hairline to your forehead as possible as you can. This step will make you look like you have much more hair. If you bring all the hair upward, it will see the space of the forehead even more, so don’t forget to aviod this!

Tip no.3: Adding some grey or brown powder on your hairline provides your hair to look fuller. When your hair is fuller, it will make your forehead look smaller. I suggest you to use the colours same as your roots. The result will be much better if the colours are natural.


Tarte: Tartelette

I chose to use grey and mix with a little bit of brown since my roots are black. The reason why I used grey instead of black is because I think lighter colour is easier to work with. Also, I dyed my hair brown. If I used black, it will look weird.


Tip no.4: Hello ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the world of contouring! Woohoo! Contouring is the part that you cannot miss. Most of the girls contour everyday as their makeup routine. It has become my best friend since I learned how to contour. Contouring gives a huge difference when we contour it correct.

I recommend you to use a toupe-brown powder (or cream if you want) to apply on the edge of your forehead and don’t for get to blend it naturally. Blending comes with contouring. It’s also a very important part of this step. If you don’t blend it nicely, it will look like you have a brown patchy on your forehead.



Sleek: Contour Kit (Light)

When you want to make something small, you contour. And when you want to emphasise, you highlight!


Tip no.5: Drawing eyebrow is another step that is the most important for me. It can be clearly seen that my forehead is much smaller than it was! Brows didn’t change only my forehead, but it changed my entire face.

As you can see, when brows are fulfilled, everything looks completed!



To overdraw top eyebrow makes your forehead smaller, but be careful not to draw too thick!


Kate: Eyebrow palette




So here you go some of my tips and tricks to cover up my forehead! Please remember to be yourself. Beauty comes from inside. If you like the way your forehead is big, it’s fine! Just be yourself. Do anything that builds your confident and do not overdo something that is not you. Be proud of yourself and that’s all I want to say.  ❤





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